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As you know Dante Production was rapidly moving ahead in providing musical concerts in North Central Fl. When COVD-19 hit and became a Pandemic around the world.  JAW Promotion is the promotion arm for Dante. James Womack is the President of JAW Concert Promotions and he discussed the impact to venues with the CEO/CVO of Dante to work on developing a strategy to feed and house people that were impacted by COVID-19. A consensus and plan were developed.

JAW  would research the area for homeless shelters and people that could not afford food and Dante would develop a method to employ the musicians that were out of work and make a method to get them back to work.The first event using both new efforts will be Sept 18, 2020, at the Daytona Museum of arts and Sciences. This will be an online concert using the beautiful Courtyard located within the Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art. This event is titled “Jazz on the Green.”

 The Chris Clarke Jazz Trio will grace the stage along with the Jazz singer Scherezada Morales. Chris has a history to extensive to include in this issue however I will include his BIO in the next issue. Last week during a session in the studio I asked Scherezada to sing a song by Minnie Riperton so I could determine her range, we had six people in the studio and we all were blown away, she nailed every note.

Putting all our musicians and singers back to work is important, many of them do not have income outside of music. Just think some of them play many venues during the week and teach music to the youth. All of that has come to a sudden stop. Please be aware the salaries will change drastically when were stream shows, in concert they made a good salary based on ticket sales, streaming is considerably less. A few dollars to see a concert will do many things, feed the hungry, provide shelter to the homeless and put the musicians and singers back to work. D


Museum of Art 

As was the case with the CARES Act payments, the Heroes Act payments would be available to Social Security recipients and people who do not earn enough money to be required to file a federal tax return, assuming they are otherwise eligible, according to the American Enterprise Institute analysis.

This means retirees could receive a second stimulus payment.

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