25 Truths I Want to Share by Dianne Floyd Sutton


Lady Di is known for not sugar-coating her messages. I want people to grow in mind and spirit, so I try to be sincere and honest.  Forget Instagram, selfies, perfect images, YouTube, TicToc, or even Facebook if you are looking for nice answers. Below are a few truths I would like to share as I grow. Yes, I am still growing as a Baby Boomer, and it does not matter which generation you are in; these truths are bona fide.

1. We will die; it is inevitable, and we do not know when so live life to your fullest.
2. Those we love will die, so expect it.
3. We all have the same problems (sickness, divorce, rejection, loneliness, to name a few)
4. The only opinion that matters is yours. If you believe it, it can be.
5. Do not waste time complaining and bitching; it is a disease and can only bring you down.
6. Pursue your passions.
7. Gratitude allows you to see the good in the world.
8. Guard your time like you guard your life. It is great to dream, but action is better.
9. You will never be perfect. Perfection does not exist and never will.
10. Smile and laugh a lot.
11. God, spirituality, and religion are not the same.
12. Your brand (reputation) is just a perception based on your proven results, and it is as good as what you can teach others, give to others or inspire others to do.
13. No matter your experience or education, you will make mistakes.
14. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.
15. Realize there are no barriers to what you can achieve.
16. Suffering is part of the struggle of life and can motivate you to do great things.
17. Live a life of no regrets.
18. Concentrate on creating value in yourself and others.
19. Meaning and purpose are more powerful than money.
20. Money only can buy you stuff, not happiness.
21. Life has more meaning when you find a purpose.
22. Be you: following the crowd, the herd is not how you become extraordinary.
23. If you use your race, nationality, sex, and physical/mental abilities as a crutch, you will waste your life.
24. Success is whatever you make it and varies for each person.
25. You will not get out of this world alive.

It does not matter if you agree or not, and it is real. Use your time on earth to create positivity for yourself and others. Use your gifts, take care of those you love, and recognize it will end someday.

Dianne Floyd Sutton, aka “Lady Di,” is a savvy “give it to you straight with no chaser” human resources expert and author.  Her presentations provide practical applications and strategies for navigating careers in the workplace through humor, engagement, and intellectual truth-telling. Workers of any age or generation can benefit from her resource guides that provide a framework for employees to succeed in the post-COVID-19 workplace environment.

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