“Calculations Talks Show” Starting 2023 with More Great Interviews


Top Row From Left to Right: Jeanine McAdams (Divas of Jazz), Mildred Muhammad (Keynote Speaker/Domestic Abuse Survivor), Robert “Kool” Bell (Kool & the Gang), Melba Moore (Singer/Actor)

Bottom Row From Left to Right:  Maysa (Singer), Donnese Monique (Singer/Dancer/Actor), Vi Jordan (Singer/Pianist), Ina Friedman (Author)

“Calculations are the actions or behaviors one must make (in some cases in milliseconds) to survive or succeed a given set of circumstances.” 

For some people, something happens to them every day that reminds them that they are different.  They have to make “calculations” at work to make their boss and co-workers feel comfortable.  They have to hide or suppress their feelings.  Others have to do the same thing in their relationships.

You cannot appear to be mad or upset naturally.  You have to make “calculations” with your children, spouse, significant others, parents, colleagues, etc.  Think about it.  

My goal is to give you access to tools and resources that will allow you to make the best “calculations” to improve and enrich your life and those you love who surround you.

Gary A. Johnson, Founder – “Calculations” Talk Show

The show features some celebrities, but mostly, ordinary men and women, doing extraordinary things.

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“The idea for this type of talk show came from my experiences being “different” or the “only one” and the constant calculations that I had to make daily to survive and to succeed in my work and personal life. I am a firm believer that when it comes to people, we have more in common than we do differences. Everybody has a story and I want to learn more about that story and what makes that person or their business special and unique. I interview and market my competitors, because I firmly believe that there’s enough room for everybody at the ‘top.’ I want to hear and understand the “calculations” that others have to make for the same or similar experiences, so that we can learn from each other in an effort to heal and touch more people in a positive way.” –Gary A. Johnson

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