“Black Men In America.com will be more aggressive in our efforts to educate the black community about the risks associated with a variety of diseases that disproportionately affect our community. To this end we will use and showcase a wide range of products and resources throughout the health and wellness industries.”

Gary A. Johnson, Founder and Publisher

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I’m back on track (again) with my cycling. The keys to my weight loss are: 1. Consistent exercise (it was cold in DC today), 2. Healthy meal options and 3. Smaller portions (this is where I struggle). I take it one day at a time, and today was a good day.  The 1044Pro Energy Bar made this ride doable.  I had the extra energy when I needed it.  Click here to learn more.

This is what consistent exercise, balanced nutrition and commitment can do.  This is Black Men In America.com Founder Gary Johnson.  This picture was taken 4 months a part.  Same spot, same pose, same hoodie.

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