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Update: Gary’s Weight Loss Journey


April 2021

I got on the scale this morning. I lost 5 lbs. in the past 6 weeks. This is the lowest I’ve weighed since 2011. During the past 4 weeks my diet has been 40% to 50% 🌱 based (Brussels sprouts, spinach, avocados 🥑, cauliflower, cucumbers 🥒). I don’t feel like I made any major sacrifice, especially in the area of taste. This morning I made a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. Instead of using a bread biscuit or muffin, I used cauliflower sandwich thins. I had a tasty Keto-friendly sandwich with some low-sodium vegetable juice.  I’m still a “meatatarian,” but I am also on the plant 🌱 based food bandwagon.  Here is a compilation of all the healthy meals that I created for the first quarter of the year.

The All-In-One Master Tonic continues to have a prominent role in my weight loss. Losing weight is NOT easy for me. I bought these pants 2-years ago. I post these pics because a lot of people say that I have inspired, motivated and re-motivated them to improve the quality of their life by losing weight and eating healthier. I’ve failed over 30 times, but I seem to have found the right formula that works for me. The motivation works both ways. Your emails and positive comments motivate me. Thank you!

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I am down 40 lbs. since 2017 using a modified version of Keto.  The key to this weight loss are the points listed below.  There’s no secret.

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