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Nah Bruh–This Ain’t It: Noose Necktie Designer “Apologizes”


By Gary A. Johnson

Apparently, some misguided young Black man from South Africa named Daniel Ngobeni is selling “Daniel’s Rope Ties,” which are described as “African rope wear” for “all genders.”  Really?  It has also been reported that Ngobeni refers to his product as a “rope of honor.”  Are you getting me?  There is ALWAYS someone who will sell his soul and set his community back for a dollar.

WTF is “African Rope Wear?”  Only with Black people it seems, is this kind of crap acceptable and in some cases encouraged.  This is what years of racism does to the psyche of a culture.  No other culture would accept this.  There would be no product for sale.  When was the last time you purchased Holocaust SWAG?  Black people will buy anything.  There is a certain segment of our population that simply knows no boundaries when it comes to buying shit.  Don’t believe me?  Click here and read how black people spend their money

Anyone who purchases any one of these products is simply uneducated, has no knowledge of American or Black history, or is a jackass.  That’s probably the kindest thing I can say about someone who would buy this “product.”  I will leave it at that. 

For the record, Daniel Ngobeni acknowledged that many people online have been critical of his product.  (No shit)!  In what crafted as an apology, Ngobeni explained that he was trying to do something that’s never been done in fashion.  He further explained, “I asked myself, ‘Can the same rope that has been used to take someone’s life, can it be used for a better purpose?'” he explained. “Can the same object be used in a different way?’ So I thought of the tie.”  You just have to shake your head when you hear shit like that.

“I would like to extend my apologies to my Black brothers and sisters in America,” he continued. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I am sorry to people who see this as something bad.”  Despite this so-called apology, Ngobeni says, he still intends to sell the ties.  Of course he will continue to sell the ties.  There is a market and he has every right to sell them.  If people did not buy them, he would design or sell something else.  Again, black folks, it seems, will buy anything.

That my friend should tell you everything that you need to know about Daniel Ngobeni and the people who purchase his product.  He’s probably a nice young man who is capitalizing on an opportunity to make a dollar off of some gullible Black Americans.  There’s nothing illegal about what he’s doing.  I will wrap up my commentary by saying, “All money ain’t good money, and some of it (the money), is not worth the effort).  I might suggest that brother Ngobeni look up the word “integrity.”

I am speaking for myself when I write:  Apology NOT accepted!”

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